Pyrate(pi`-rat)n a sea robber; a vessel manned by such; a publisher etc. who infringes copyright; v.t. and act as a pyrate, to plunder, to infringe copyright.[GK. peirates, FR.peiraein- to attempt]
Punk (pungk)ncrumbly, decayed wood; a.Worthless.(slang) young criminal. Criminally oriented rock and roll .[Etymology uncertain]
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Lana Dagales

Two bowlegged bastards from Oakland gone moor. Etai tanning the skins and Gregg rigging the bass strings. No quarter asked, nor given. Recorded Feb 2000 at ye olde Mission Records in San Francisco!

Stereo 48 seconds 692 Kilobytes


Pillaging band from Japan. These scoundrels sing all their songs in Spanish. This was recorded live at the Punx With Presses warehouse in Emeryville, CA. They played 4 songs with a total set time of 40 minutes!

Stereo 4 minutes 1.677 Megabytes

Pitch Black Another band from Oakland. Or are they really from Chico? we do not know. All that is known about this band is that one member (Jamie) was kind enough to be our on-call medic. They also blow stuff up and set hings on fire at most of their shows. Not ours though. We wouldn't want them to start a forest fire with our sorry asses trapped out in the forest!

stereo 3:33 Minutes 4.172 Megabytes

Flagship of Pyrate Punx. Five misbegotten sons of rum decapitating audiences from the Oakland Bay Area. This was recorded at the Libertatia camping fest, year of no lord 2000. They have a 6 song 7 incher out on (ahem) Pyrate Punx Records

Stereo, 2:30 minutes, 662 kilobytes

Sinn DubhThey are from Oakland. After a scandal or two and a drunken fistfight between the first violin and the oboeist, they disbanded late last year. This recording was culled from one of their last shows at Libertatia 2001.

stereo 3:18 minutes 3.104 megabytes

Husband and wife team are well known for their kindly treatment of captives, even when the guitar is way too loud. This apparent good will is hard to reconcile with their infamous butchery of drum corpsmen! They have been known to dismember several drummers in one night trying to get a single song right! Yet when they have scuttled their captors ship and set them adrift in a dinghy, they always leave them hardtack and rainwater.

Stereo 4:25 minutes 5.1 megabytes
El Dopa

Not to be confused with the east coast band of the same name. After finding out about the other band they changed their name to 13:36. But not before releasing a great LP. This band is no longer around. Featured former members of Grimple who were back together for a while in a very metal incarnation.

stereo 3 minutes 309 kilobytes

Santa Rosa band with a former hippy bass player, former marine vocalist and a guitarist who was formerly in Defile, and Allegiance to none. They are possibly the only band in Sonoma County that doesn't have a single song withthe word "OI" in it right now. Night Ranger not withstanding.

stereo 1:11 minutes 697 kilobytes

The BlottosThis recording is from Libertatia 2001. When the MAN came to town. They are from Sacramento I believe. The halls of power. Where the politicians are openminded and happy to meet anyone with an open checkbook. This message brought to you by Enron ®.

stereo 47 seconds 741 kilobytes
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