Pyrate(pi`-rat)na sea robber; a vessel manned by such; a publisher etc. who infringes copyright; v.t. and act as a pyrate, to plunder, to infringe copyright.[GK. peirates, FR.peiraein- to attempt]
Punk(pungk)n crumbly, decayed wood;a.Worthless.(slang)young criminal. Criminally oriented rock and roll .[Etymology uncertain]

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Land Ho!!!

November 9th 2001, 11:12pm

JollyRogerRumours to the contrary not withstanding. PyratePunx are still kicking and abreathin. We gots 4 events planned for December. December 8th at Gilman st in Berkeley, December 14th at Jesse James coffee house in Santa Rosa, December 15th at Burnt Ramen in Richmond, and December 26th at the Stork Club in Oakland. More details on the bands soon. as ye may have noticed, it has been several months since this page has been updated. Though we have been working quietly behind the scenes rebuilding the whole site to make it more maneuverable. I am hoping to have several new features added to the site soon. Possibly incuding email. Yes you may soon be able to have! On another note, This is your website! Please feel free to contact us with any contributions such as comics, stories, photos, artwork etc. Apologies to anyone who ordered Patches, I am getting around to your orders! My local fabric store closed tho so I am having some difficulty. Stay tuned!

Calaveras Grande


August 18th 2001, 11:12pm


We are soon going to have a new public message board. The password protected message board will be for organizers, scenesters and people cooler than you. We're still cobbling together the stuff from Libertatia at Pirates Cove. The pix video and tunes should be up by the end of the week. We also got a small armada of shows coming up in August, September and October. Including 2 campouts and a Pyrate Discount Night at Gilman st

Calaveras Grande

Libertatia 2001! Shut Doon!

June 18th 2001,12:34am


was canceled half way through by the man. It took the U.S.Marshalls, The CDF, The Park Rangers, the BLM, and Sheriffs from two counties to keel haul us though! It was an utter fuck up as Wednesdaye, Thursdaye and Fridaye were just a wind up for Satyrdaye and Sundaye. Just look at the bands! if you doubt our fury! a small Skeleton Crewe remained behind until sunday evening to clean up ye mess and help with the portable toilets. I will soon post pictures to prove that we left the cove cleaner than we found it! If ye would like to share ye experiences at the fest (or trying to get there and being turned away by the cops!) get ye to the message board I will soon post a full report of what exactly transpired at Liberatatia at Pirates Cove, with photos! Now I must sleep, it has been a long journey.


13 days until Libertatia 2001!

May 30th 2001, 8:34am

Libertatia is immanent. The best Temporary Autonomous Zone of the summer is just around the corner. 70 bands, exploding puppets, 16mm films, noise, foam sword wars, free camping, swimming, drunken nudity, treasure hunt, food not bombs, workshops and more
Anarchism is not about how destructive and obnoxious you can be. It is about getting along with others so well that government is obsoleted. Live, create, cooperate
The new location is actually better than last years. More shade, a creek, hills and trees, a weird old abandoned bridge and more! The weather is also not quite as hot as Indian Valley Reservoir is in a valley. If'n ye aint got a ride than get ye to the message board

Calaveras Grande

15 days until Libertatia 2001!

May 29th 2001, 1:13am

Even if ye dint read the message board ye must know that tomorrows meeting will be the last real meeting beforeLibertatia. You can now buy our swag over the internet! Just go to the Merchandise page. Also. Now this page can now be found, ahem, uh, my pyrate cellphone is beeping.

Calaveras Grande

17 days until Libertatia 2001, and it has MOVED!

May 27th 2001, 8:09am

I suppose I should put to rest any rumors what have been circulating on the message board No Libertatia has not been canceled. Yes it has been moved. It appears that the county of Colusa has passed a resolution prohibiting amplified music or even generators at Lodoga east park reservoir. Not to fret. The Pyrate Punx are a large clan. We have selected a new location which is actually closer to the Bay Area. The new spot is actually on Bureau of Land Management land. So it is not under the jurisdiction of petty parochial county laws!
The new campground is Indian Valley Reservoir in Lake county. It is just north of Clearlake and Lakeport. New maps are here

Well if ye haven't asked for the time off of ye job ye may as well quit.Go to the message board if ye need passage to Libertatia. performers and musicians are welcome to contact booking as we do have some slots left. Shanghaing may be the only option as we still need help in the areas of sound techs, stage managers and donations! We are woefully underfunded this year! The benefits we have thrown have netted us only $300. This may be just enough to cover gas for the generator and naught else! Send any donations to Pyrate Punx. pobox 28137, Oakland Ca. 94604 (cash only do you think we could cash a check made out to pyrate punx?) Our last meeting was rather dismal, with the lowest turnout yet. If ye would like to get involved in this scurvy venture. The next meeting is Wednesday May 23rd in Oakland at Calaveras Grande's port. Close to bart and bus lines.

Message board for castaways and stowaways!

May 10th 2001, 8:51 am

We went and started a message board That way fuckos that need a ride to Libertatia can hook up with serial killers looking for innocent victims with a large supply of sunblock and insect repellent. Other topics o banter are welcome also.

George Bush Learns to tie shoes!

May 4th 2001,9:31 am

More detailed Maps to Libertatia have been added. At this point the whole gig is pretty much booked up. Unless you are a really faomous band with like 8 records. Yes we are talking about you Neurosis. Non-Musical performers still wanted to play between acts and after hours. If you went to Burning Man, dont call us, we'll call you... This ain't no hippy nambla rave shit!

Libertatia 2001 Updates!

May1st 2001, 1:83pm

Maps to Libertatia have been added. Also a list of bands and the days they will play. And a list of required and not so imperative items for this venture.


Crewe forLibertatia 2001 Needed!

April 25th 2001, 9:01pm

This is the biggest Libertatia ever. (madagascar excepted) We are finding ourselves a wee bit undermanned goinginto this voyage. If ye are ablebodied in the following areas please contact also, whipping boys and girls needed.

Soundman help in running the PA system. Must know how to trouble shoot signal flow and work around catastrophic failures. Must know an input from an output.

Stagehandhelp in stage managing, getting bands on and off stage in an orderly fashion. Locating bands that have arrived. Must be pushy and diplomatic.

Cook help in food preparation and clean up. Must be able to cook without killing too many people.

Securitybreak up any fights, deal with neighbors. There are almost no fights or neighbors but forewarned is forearmed. Must be diplomatic and thick.


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