Pyrate(pi`-rat)na sea robber; a vessel manned by such; a publisher etc. who infringes copyright; v.t. and act as a pyrate, to plunder, to infringe copyright.[GK. peirates, FR.peiraein- to attempt]
Punk(pungk)ncrumbly, decayed wood; a.Worthless.(slang)young criminal. Criminally oriented rock and roll .[Etymology uncertain]
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Gong Hay Fat Choy

February 9th 2002, 11:10am

AAArgghhh ye barnacle tootin swabs get off yer areses and rattle ye bones!!

Sat. Feb. 9th Year o' no lord 2002

(roll call)

TRAGEDY (portland pyrates), TRAGATELO (ex-los cudos/ex-lifes halt), SANGRE AMADO(frisco death metal), BRAINOIL (dat's mr. brainoil ta ye!), LESSER OF TWO (heavier than grampas testes), NON-COMPLIANCE (music ta non-conform ta).


Sat. march 2nd, year o' 2002, blackdawg's day o' rememberance o' da day he be shot out o' his ma's womb (so bring da capt'n yer loot)& libertatia benefit.

BLOWN TO BITS(they'll blow ye away),SCURVY DOGS(no,not the scooby doo's dumbass),VOESTEK(bunch o' wenches ta loot ya by),DIMELIFECROOKS(hip-hop ta knock ya socks off g),BAD ACID TRIP(LA-no they're NOT a hair band),ANTAGONY(you'll wanna bitch-slap 'em)




February 3rd 2002, 7pm

Shiver me timbers! I am one scurvy son of a sea lion. I just spent the whole day updating the site and adding new stuff like MP3's. I also fixed a bunch of crap. I can condfidently say there are no broken links, the BLM site notwithstanding. Seeing as they are in a bit of legal trouble with some Native Americans, they have had to shut down their site because of some information on their site which pertains to their legal trouble. Some gag order or some shit. Our hearts go out to them. Really they do.

On another note, we just had another Libertatia meeting a couple days ago. We have decided that we will aglomerate on the 2nd weekend of June. As the BOB fest is the third weekend, and we would rather leech of of their draw than try to compete with it. Also, the water line only gets lower as the summer goes on, so the earlier the better. That said, you will not find anything but the most general information about this years campout here. Last years fest was busted because the cops had been clued in to our site. We can only assume that they still watch our site even now. Even now...

We are currently investigating how to hold the event legally, or if we can gather on private land to avoid the hassle. But judging by the hostile attitude displayed by some elements of the law enforcement apparatus, Mums the word either way. Keep an eye on this spot for info on benefits and such. Where ever we will have it this year, it costs a lot to pull off. I went in the hole a couple grand last year for it, not an experience I am wont to repeat!

Calaveras Grande



January 26th 2002, Mid-Daye

Aargh, the winter months! When the seas boil and froth witht he great storms brought by the north winds! When only the most foolish of pyrates would venture out on a voyage. This is the time of year when fishermen mend their nets, merchants raise their prices and pyrates hatch schemes. Plans that which will birth in the dawn of spring. Or, um, er, uh, summer as is the case with us. If'n ye want to contribute ye thoughts, idears or "te pecuniam" feel free to drop us a line! While Libertatia 2002 is a grand 6 months away, you will be startled at the increasing pace at which the months fly by. On a more somber note, one of our operatives (though he dint know it hisself) has recently been shackled and brigaded for trespassing on the sacred ground of the shadow government.

Calaveras Grande

Lies,Trickery and the Purloined Pint!

January 10th 2002, 3:22pm

Well from time to time I might like to take a gander at the minstrels performing at the CW saloon (on Folsom in S.F.). In doing so I have made a most startling discovery. See the last time I was there the berths were rather crowded. As I had just finished my ale and I did not want to leave the glass on the floor lest anyone become injured by shards of broken glass piercing there landlubbing tender feet, I pocketed the rather hefty pint glass with full intentions of returning the vessel to its rightful owners as soon as the band had concluded its performance. (a pyrate absconding with an empty vessel? not on this earth!) As so often happens when in the embrace of mistress Ale, I lost track of time and place and soon I was back in the familiar waters of the East Bay. Upon waking the next morn I noticed my bag to be a bit heavier than normal. It was the purloined pint! On examining the glass, it appeared that the bottom was about one English inch thick! At first I thought that they had extra stout glasses to withstand the abuse of their extra drunk patrons such as me and my crewe. Yet my skeptical nature got the better of me. I ferreted out a known good pint glass adhering to the North American standard of 16 fluid ounces. I then filled this vessel to the top with tap water. On transferring the contents to the purloined pint quite a bit of fluid was in excess and did find itself on the table and floor! On measuring the actual contents that the vessel did hold, it was a scant 13 ounces! On further investigation there was a small raised "13" to be found on the bottom!

Considering I must have purchased 4 pints of ale on each visit (a conservative estimate to say the least) and visited said establishment about 40 times in the preceding year. I figure our accounts are in arrears to the tune of 480 fluid ounces. Or rather 30 standard North American Pints. So next time ye frequent this den of inebriation, do be sure to inform the barkeep ye want a full Pint of Ale!

Diablo ex Machina

Libertatia 2002!

January 8th 2002, 12:42pm

It may be a wopping 6 months from now, an that may seem like a lot of time to ye of little experience in these matters. But let me float this little pearl of information. When we went to The 924 Gilman st. project collective thingy and asked for a slot in which for us to moor a benefit show. We were informed that they are booked until April and given a berth in May! Ungrateful misbegotten offspring of uncouth bachelors! That is only one month before the "Encampmente"! Well I'm gonna call a hawg a hawg and state the obvious. We need to have many more benefits before the shit hits the van. If ye have a venue we can berth for a night or a band wot will play for free than give us a holler. Oh and this is rather ironic. Where's the beef now! Arrrggghhhh!!

Oh and fuck your patriotism

Calaveras Grande

We Fixeded it!

January 3rd 2002, 3:03pm

The site is finally updated. Please take a moment to note the new LINKS page. Please visit these sites and familiarize ye-self with the contents. If'n ye liked to be link'd then just Holler. I also have fixed a lot of the glitches and "404" errors some of ye may have been encountering like a whale blubber encrusted iceberg in a gale.. If ye do notice any bugs or blatant fuck ups, please give me a holler. We are working on several other projects right now. Including nailing down the details of Libertatia 2002. Where will it be? Who will play? What was the fallout from last year? Ahh who gives a fuck.....

There is also an upcoming show featuring DESOBEDIENCIA CIVIL (anarcho-hardcore punk from, mexico city) SHUT THE FUCK UP (bay area bilgescum) RESISTOLEROS (sammytown from fang new band) DIME LIFE CROOKS (beast bay bip-bop) SUBSISTENCIA (from da city o' angles/L.A.) fistIfuks (santa rosa) on January 12th. But I can't tell ye where because it at a speakeasy see? And the selling of beverages wot wit alcohol in dem without the consent and decree of de law is called bootleggin see? See? See?!

Oh and be sure to have a disobedient, resistive, libertine, class war, treason, anti-authoritarian, fuck war and above all PYRATE New Yeare!

Calaveras Grande


December 8th 2001, 4:58pm

So looks like we are now living in a fascist police state. Don't say we never told ye! Also take a gander at this shit.. Several shows coming up. Also, me hearty apologies for the page being down last week. Nobody was blocked or 86ed. It was telling everybody that the URL was "403 forbidden" because my internet connection died when I was updating the site.
Calaveras Grande

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