Pyrate(pi`-rat)na sea robber; a vessel manned by such; a publisher etc. who infringes copyright; v.t. and act as a pyrate, to plunder, to infringe copyright.[GK. peirates, FR.peiraein- to attempt]
Punk(pungk)ncrumbly, decayed wood; a.Worthless.(slang)young criminal. Criminally oriented rock and roll .[Etymology uncertain]

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Ich Habbe Mein Reich!

September 11th, 2002 10:02am

The government of Gerorge Bush is a coup.

The September 11th "terrorist act" was perpetrated with the foreknowledge and co-operation of the Bush Administration.

The Bush Administration is using this "terrorist act" as a fulcrum to enact foreign policy changes and civil liberties changes that have long been the goal of his faction of the Republican party.

The Bush Administration is using the "War on Terrorism", and other tools, to seize the worlds oil.

Well we still don't have Osama, and what ever happened to the Anthrax terrorist?

Enough with all that, R.I.D. Fest was a frightful sucess. We engulfed the Bay Area August 16th-18th. With shows from Richmonds Burnt Ramen over to Pyrate Cove and Mission Records. Then the following weekend we pillaged and plundered Long Beach, San Bernardino (my ears are still ringing)and East LA. Okay, we just drank them all completely under the table, then started on the floor. Arrggh, those southern Cali kids sure are weak! And our bands FLATTENED there bands. Except for Bumklaat, but they are from Mexico and San Ysidro.(just kiddin, thanks to all who helped out! Especialy Mary!)

Coming up this weekend; Pyratepunx 5th anniversery at Burnt Ramen Studios! With, I dunno a couple of bands with the word dead in the title, and some old school band like Social Unrest or Black Sabbath or something. It will be 5 bux and it will be on Saturday The 14th.

Quote of the day; Ed Kemper-"When I see a pretty girl, one side of me says, I'd like to talk to her, date her. The other side of me says, I wonder how her head would look on a stick?" Ed kemper killed both of his grandparents, then went on a sex-murder cannibalism spree, then killed his mom.

I promise I'll keep the updates coming,

Calaveras Grande

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of ...

June 29th, 2002 9:02am

If you think you live in the land of the free, just consider what liberties and rights you will voluntarily surrender to be protected from "terrorism". When you are randomly selected for a strip search next time you go back east to visit the folks in the buckeye state. Just bite your lip and remember, this is for the greater good. Fuck your selfish modesty! When your mail starts arriving late, and a little more rough for wear, don't be worried about an invasion of your privacy. You live in a free market Democracy, if you don't like the government, you have only yourself to blame! You did vote for your elected representatives didn't you? If the Department of Homeland Security singles you out for scrutiny, its just the same as a traffic stop. If you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear! When the FBI reads every email you send and the NSA listens into your phone calls, without a warrant. It isn't an issue of privacy it is an issue of security. When the Federal Marshalls/INS come for you and lock you up pending interrogation, with no bail, no appeal and no miranda. Pray to Allah, you have no chance in this white mans hell. This is a war against the "Islamists".

Happy "Independence" Day you apathetic bastards and bitches! This fascist state is exactly what you couch potatoed carphillic allopaths deserve!

Calaveras Grande

Libertatia 2002?

June 22nd, 2002 9:02am

Libertatia will occur. As we are aware that this website is watched by law enforcement(and that is how they busted us last time) I can not tell you where it will happen until after the fact. On to other things. I have added a couple new MP3s in the tunes section.

So is it just me or did the ever present apocolyptic gloom of the mid eighties just return? You know the feeling that the sixth seal has just been broken. And there are religeous nutjobs jumping up and down on the doorway to the seventh, final, seal. The holy grail has been crack'd, The prophets left toe just talked. The holiest of holys just cut a wet one. Thus Imenantizing the Eschaton (serving the cause of accellerating the apocolypse) so they can be the first in the door to kiss the face of God while keeping both feet planted in the remorseless sand of their mother/fatherland. Are these people not greedy? If you want to see God, just martyr yourself in the garden with your toe on one end of a shotgun and yer mouth on the other. Then go hang out in heaven, leave the rest of us alone! The Arabs and Jews are bent on repeating the 6 day war. Bush( son of Satan anyone?)is breaking promises and treaties on a daily basis. And America is at war with a new country every time I get out of bed. Oh and global warming is real my children, very real. I drive a gasping leaking 8 cylinder land ark. So I am not blamless.

Happy Memorial Day?

May 27, 2002 5:31 PM
Memorial day is the day we are supposed to give thanks for all the soldiers who fought and/or died in Wars all over the fucking planet. Okay, I respect and am grateful for the lives sacrificed during WW I and WWII. But I can't comment on the Gulf War, Vietnam and Korea in any positive way. These were wars of colonial reconquest, or in the gulf wars case, restoring a misogynistic theocratic monarchy to power. Soldiers in these wars may have acted in the most honorable patriotic fashion. But perhaps that is the problem with patriotism, that they will unflinchingly go...
In keeping with the military theme, here is a list of color codes for 7.62/54r ammo for the twisted readers out there that vote with a bullet and don't want to wreck there accurized SKS ballot box with anti aircraft ammo.

JUNTA? Shmunta, when does gas get cheaper?

May 25th 2002, 1:00pm

Not related to Libertatia;

Heres another installment of paranoia corner, first, go to ye favorite search engine, type in any combination of the words, Afghanistan, Cheney, Haliburton, Oil, Gas, and pipeline. That should be some interesting fodder for BBQ side chats with ye loved ones and inlaws.
If ye were planning to pillage Amsterdam do it soon. Gas aint gettin cheaper so the airfares aren't gonna get cheaper either. Some other links;
Gotta go, the BBQ is smokin and I need to drink me rum!
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May 20th 2002, 0:00pm

Libertatia 2002;

Libertatia will happen, it is only a matter of where, how and when. If nothing else we will have an unamplified event and call it "Libertatia Unplugged" This would exempt us from one major problem the law enforcement has with us. Next is where to have it, any body with land please contact us! We are working on getting ahold of several possible sites but the finish line is very close!


We are still working on a Libertatia compilation, the proceeds of whcih will go towards buying a portable stage, securing a site for next year, and paying for the sundry articles needed to do these outdoor fests. We absolutley will NOT take ye hard earned filthy lucre to the local MEGA-lo-MART to purchase bulk packs of over sanitized malt beverage. Nor frozen pizza to leven the bitter taste iodiphor leave in rinse. HONEST! If ye are in a band that has performed at Libertatia 99, 00,or 01, and ye are interested in being included, please contact Calaveras Grande or Diablo ex Machina. We are looking for 1 or two songs per band, also some artwork/lyrics to be included in the stout booklet which will be taking the place of the hated "jewel case"(which if ye ask me is a misnomer on both parts, it is not much of a case and holds no jewels) The CD should be out before the end of the summer, this will be depending on the alacrity with which we can bring our skills to bear on the project, and the industriousnes of our good friends the HATED GEEKS! Who are helping us to field this atrocity.
Diablo Ex Machina de III



May 10th 2002, 1:000am

On condition of anonymity this is what a source, deep inside the occupational government, had to say about Libertatia 2001;

Ok, where to start. First of all you must honor my request "NOT TO POST THIS ON YOUR SIGHT" it could cause me some problems. Your sight HAD been a HARD TARGET after 911. However I [IT WAS] quickly determined that there was no threat from this group. I'm not going to say who my employer is, but it's at a high level. PS - Don't try to find me Calavaras, it'll never happen.

Now to the point, local government is afraid of what they perceive as unorganized, drinking, narcotic using, youth. Especially in large numbers. XXXXXX and XXXX County first though your group was a large Rave party where everyone was using MDMA "Ecstasy" or it's correct termology [4-methylenedioxymethampethmaine] Now you can pass this alone, arriving personnel quickly obtained the perception that law enforcement really wasn't required at the function. Well OK, maybe just a small garrison to "keep the peace." But certainly not the road blocking stupid shit, accompanied with "We must shut down your function" crap. Personnel there wanted to leave after a few hours. But the old wise elders saw it another way.

Well doesn't that just beat all! The above is published without revision or editing for errors, I omitted the header, email address and name of the person, also the second paragraph which they asked not to be published. And the name of the counties

< {}>

Trench Coat Maphia

May 2nd 2002, 11:12pm

Say hello to "Luke helder". An art student from the midwest.Recently got busted in a car also carrying tubes packed with gunpowder. Instead of going with the sleepwalking plea he confesses that he was drawing a smiley face on the country with pipe bombs. Man I need a drink...ok, a far right politician in the Netherlands. Assassinated by a treehugging earthfirster. This is truly the return of the Trench Coat Maphia! (Episode II; attack of the nerds) Oh and by the way. Osama got sleeper cells you wouldn't believe!

Libertatia Compilation CD with gajillion page booklet out in June. Or July. depending on the whims of the EDD. Bands contact us if ye want to be on it!

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April 3rd 2002, 5:10pm

Sorry about the lag in updating, having some technical trouble with my main computer. The sytem drive died, fried the MBR sector. So I went and got a new 'puter. Once I got that one rolling I started reinstalling everything. Ooops! I don't have a copy of the encryption software I use to access the server. No problem, I'll just re-download it from the same web site. Wait, they aren't there anymore. Well now I finally got it all hooked together with baling wire and spit.

More MP3's and such soon. I promise!

Oh and Libertatia is going down in flames. Unless we find a spot soon, and get some more backs behind the oars, it will not happen this year.

For Bravenet: ( Your new email address here )

I mean {}

Fascism by any other name would still smell...

March 32nd 2002, 4:12am

So invasion is Israels response to The Saudis peace plan. Fuck this thing that Israel is doing to Palestine. Fuck the U.S. For standing idly by while the Zionists murder, brutalise and terrify the Palestinians. It seems that the Jewish people of the State of Israel only learned one lesson from what the Nazis did in WWII, Tactics!

Roundups of all males age 16-40? Id number tattoos on the upper arm? These are things now happening in Palestine! And now Sharons army has surounded Arafat and given him only two options. Flee into exile or stay here while your country is turned upside down in a house to house search. Sharon has the cynicism to react with surprise when Arafat declines the offer. Shock that putting his neighbors head of state under house arrest causes the populace to respond with suicide bombings. (to those that object at the callousness of suicide bombing civilians, Palestine has no standing army with which to respond to the invasion by one of the worlds most heavily armed countries) Why am I so upset by this? I'm not Jewish, Arab, Christian or Muslim. I am upset by the absurdity of the politics being played out. I am pissed that my tax money is supporting this farce through The U.S. military and economic aid to Israel. And finally I am pissed because this will doubtless cause gas to become even more expensive, and by extension everything else more expensive. But I guess that's what I expect from Baby Bush and Cheney. Both being from BIG OIL they stand to benefit from rising prices and fluctuating supplies. Man I need a drink...

Diablo ex Machina

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