Pyrate(pi`-rat)na sea robber; a vessel manned by such; a publisher etc. who infringes copyright; v.t. and v.i.to act as a pyrate, to plunder, to infringe copyright.[GK. peirates, FR.peiraein- to attempt]
Punk(pungk)ncrumbly, decayed wood; a.Worthless.(slang)young criminal. Criminally oriented rock and roll .[Etymology uncertain]
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Fryedaye November the 15th


Awww Shit. When I went and volunteered at the elderly recreation center, and read the news to the old coots wot couldnt read the news anymore seeing as they eyes were all crusted up with the glaucoma. And massaged their arthritic fingers with imported tiger balm, wot to ease the pain of half a century in the free market place. And clued the administrator into where to get BULK tiger balm, cuz theres a lot of pain in that marketplace. Then fixed the north sitting room up with pirated cable so they could chew on their toothless mouths and watch C-Span. Then helped them into the bus on that special day, that day that may be their last chance to make a difference in this world. My shins coverd in walker inflicted welts. Then helped them understand the new digital voting booths, and be sure they could pick out a good language they could understand , cuz we got a whole passel of old folks that are citizens now, but were born in a distant land. Then all those remorseless old coots voted republican form top to bottom. So now we have a GOP ship from crows nest to mizzen mast, stem to stern. What difference does it make?

Well this



And This

Diablo ex Machina

p.s. This


Novembre 13th

Well I dont like to steal from other websites, but here ye go, this bastard can write.

Allow yer old pal Jerky to set the scene.
It is evening on Wednesday, the fifth of September, in the year 2001; a year that?s fallen so far short of the promise imagined for it, decades will likely have to pass before historians can accurately chart the gulf between the century of optimistic prophecy, and its eventual, spectacular letdown.

Washington, DC. In a White House reception hall, the unelected Boy King sips 7-Up and chomps on a bison steak, while his inexplicably disturbing wife - wrapped in an orange/pink atrocity that wouldn?t seem out of place in Timothy Leary's nightmares - pops a candy hummingbird into her mouth and smiles that vacant, vaguely pharmaceutical smile that has become her trademark.

At the windows and balconies, the Boy King?s guests gather for an extra special treat. Mexico?s President Fox and his slinky new squeeze stand close together and sway, almost imperceptibly. World's Greatest DadTM Brit Hume - the only ?journalist? invited to this gala event - thinks of the previous tenants and scowls sourly into his tumbler of single malt scotch, scrying scandals yet undreamt in its amber depths. Dirty Harry, himself, walks among them, looking paradoxically geriatric and buck-virile as he mingles with the lesser lights, who can hardly contain themselves. Trent Lott adjusts his toupee. Alan Greenspan keeps compulsively checking himself for a pulse, never finding one. What a stellar congregation!

Outside and overhead, the show begins. As the chosen hundred watch, there is a flash, and another - delayed thunder cracks the cool night sky. It is a spectacular pyrotechnic display - a quarter million dollars worth of fireworks! - helping the unelected Boy King and his guests celebrate his first state dinner in true post-fin-de-sciecle style.

Meanwhile, for miles around, the uninvited wonder what the hell is going on. Where is that noise coming from? And why the hell are the windows rattling? 911 is immediately jammed with calls reporting gunshots, unexplained explosions, terrorist attacks, UFOs, a fire at the White House, etc. Children, asleep for hours on this school-night, stand on their beds and peer out their windows at the symphony of fire. They wonder why nobody bothered to tell them about this. Some wonder what kind of people set off fireworks at eleven o?clock at night, in the middle of the week, without warning anybody.

Back at the White House, the kind of people who would set off fireworks at eleven o?clock at night in the middle of the week without warning anybody lick icing from their fingertips, have their drinks freshened by the help, and chuckle at each other's lame jokes while casually watching the sky. They barely pay attention, even though all this heat, light and noise has been expended for their eyes only; this temporary monument to the irrelevence of nobodies.

And why shouldn't they revel in their role as Masters of the Universe? At a time when we have so much cause to take to the streets and oil the guillotines, what do we do? We sit on our asses and stuff our fat faces and starving brains with brand-name nothingness unencumbered by nutritional, intellectual or social value of any kind. For too many reasons to list here, they've won already. The game is over. We are citizens, no longer. Now, we are subjects, and they don't mind rubbing our noses in it.

Somewhere in the swirling and beautiful eleventh dimension, where the ideal is flesh and the flesh, ideal, America clutches at a short, sharp pain in her chest, and wonders: ?What the fuck was THAT?!"

Calaveras Grande etc


October 29th, middle of the fuggin day

Well I twisted my ankle like an idiot. I was watching a pizza delivery guy go the wrong way up this street. He was jabbering into his cellphone and turning left while looking right. I would like to say I was concerned for his welfare. I was actually hoping to see a car wreck. I guess thats about the best metaphor I can find for the current political climate.

Diablo ex Machina


October 25th, very late at night

Okay I was pretty far off on my profile of the Tarot Sniper. He was an ex-Army guy, not a cop or CIA. He actually was shooting a hyped up M-16 combat rifle. Nothing fancy. Just a Bushmaster XM15 with a carbine butt and a long barrel. Motherfucker was just a deadeye. What I find scarier is that apparently the perp had been stopped by the cops after shooting #9 but was turned loose because he was not driving a van.

What we need is 24 hour satellite surveilance of all domestic activity, Next time, when and if there is some kind of kiling spree, or bank robbery getaway, we could follow the criminal from space. They wouldnt even be aware they are being watched! Let the perp think they are getting away until they are in an area with very little "collateral" to damage. Then we swoop in when they are least suspecting! Maybe we can even rig up space lasers to zap bad guys on the spot!

Heck, I'd give up my privacy, gun ownership, and free speech just to be sure I dont get my head exploded all over my cars interior! On a lighter note, click on the Bush picture above to see a wacky little flash animation courtesy of the RNC. You can join their version of the brownshirts here. They will send you emails with all kinds of informative and factual info, just like this flash animation!

Calaveras Grande


October 13th, 2002 2:02pm

What stalks the land?

I think it is obvious The Tarot Sniper is a former or current cop. Possibly even a swat sniper. The weapon used, the tactics and the elusivenes all point to this. First of all he is taking most of his victims in the head and upper chest area....


Streaming Naked Teen Farm Porn!

October 5th, 2002 5:02am

I hope that got your attention. Call your representatives

in DC and tell them we should not go to war with IRAQ. At the very least can we fix the economy first before we go? Well anyway here's to more viddya sixpack and some titty.

Calaveras Grande

Shut up!

September 12th, 2002 10:09pm

Okay Calaveras. I think you dont sleep enough. Well here are/is the actual date of the show at Burnt Ramen(104 21st st at Espee, Richmond Ca) Sunday September 15th, 7pm

Submachine, STFU

Born Dead, Voetsek

Desolation, Faces of Death

not in that order so much as um, yeah, Blame black dog

Oh here is some video from Libertatia 2002: drunk by dawn. STFU 1.8mb Its windows media format, ye can thank Rollin Blackout for thee footage and the en-computerisation. And ye can thank me for getting it up here while Calavera works on a party size bucket of Flan. Lazy fucker

Diablo Ex Machina

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