2 gallons of water per person or dog per day. WE will bring some water, but are not responsible for your sorry ass not dying.  
A big ass tarp, rope and stakes. Tents are only useful for changing clothes and stashing your crap
A cooler otherwise your beer will be hotter then greek fire! And saltier than the briny deep! We reccomend the 5 day model by IGLOO.
A total assload of sunblock spf 20 or higher. Some skin lotion for when you forget is good too.
Bring food that dont take cookin. this is not BBQ weather. suggestions; middle eastern stuff like hummus, tabouleh, pita. Oranges, cucumbers and watermelons!
Sunglasses and a hat
Sleeping pad to even out the bumps
low cut shoes you dont give a fuck about

Twice as much beer as you think you will need. The closest store with non-cutthroat prices is 20 miles.


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