Pýrâte Puñx Pïcnîx

Libertatia 2000 June 19th-21st


Arrgh! It was hot as fuck as were last year. Truth be told it was hotter last year as the air was so still. This year we were visited by pleasant breeze time to time. The fisticuffs were at a minimum as were the banditry. Libations and food were plentiful and not a belly was empty nor a liver rested long. Everyone in attendance was in good spirits.

Food Not rum? Hot!

Many felicitations to Mr Steve List for bringing the Inner Tubes for us non land lubbing types what couldnt bear to remain on land. Mr. List was also the only casualty of the expedition. The old salt bent his leg in a most improper manner navigating a steep hill. Best wishes to a speedy recovery with nary a residual limp.

What are they gawking at?  

Gratitude and successful journeys to the hardy soul that brought all the limes. In hot weather the worst beer is made palatable by a sweet lime and a hot beer is at least tolerable with the same infusion.

Dancing with swords Bob Weirdos    
Armada PcP Roadblock  
Rosemarys Billygoat Coma Toast     
Creature from the Black Lagoon Get in the water or die!  

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